Success Story

JuvaBun's Product Page Redesign Drives a $12,466 Monthly Revenue Surge



Conversion Increase


JuvaBun is a renowned brand in the hair extensions domain, driven by a passion for accentuating natural beauty. With the JuvaBun Messy Bun leading their product lineup, they embarked on a quest to refine their digital presence, focusing primarily on this flagship product. Their aspiration was dual-pronged: enhance user experience and elevate conversion rates.

The Challenge

While the JuvaBun Messy Bun had a captivating backstory and consistently received positive reviews, the product page itself did not fully maximize its potential to convert visitors. Its existing layout, which crowded vital elements to the right, risked overshadowing essential product details. The question arose: Could repositioning these elements across the entire page width result in better conversion rates?


A revamped page layout, which disperses the product details across the full width of the page, might lead to more user engagement and higher conversion rates.

The Test

JuvaBun employed an A/B testing approach to validate their hypothesis.

Control (Original Layout):

  • Images positioned on the upper left.
  • "Add to Cart" button and associated options on the right.
  • Product details followed by supplementary images and gifs beneath the add to cart section.

Variation (Redesigned Layout):

  • Images maintained their top-left alignment.
  • The product description was spread across the full page width, located below the images and "Add to Cart" button.
  • This change effectively reduced the scroll time to access reviews. Other minor design adjustments were implemented to boost product allure and simplify the decision-making process for users.


The results were encouraging and surpassed initial anticipations:

  • Conversion Rate Boost: The original layout had a conversion rate of 4.46%, whereas the revised layout upped this to 5.24%.
  • Revenue Surge: Based on their average monthly traffic (50,000 visitors), the new layout could increase revenue by an impressive $12,466.70 monthly, deduced from the $2,493.34 per 10,000 visitors' increase noticed during the A/B test.


  1. Reducing Scroll Time Pays Off: By restructuring content and reducing the amount of scrolling required to access vital information like reviews, potential customers were likely more engaged and felt more informed, thus driving them to purchase.
  2. User Experience Matters: A well-organized, easily navigable layout can substantially influence a buyer's journey. Even minor changes, like the positioning of descriptions or the spread of visuals, can significantly impact conversion rates.
  3. Continuous Testing is Key: This initiative underscores the importance of continual website testing and optimization. As user behaviors and preferences evolve, so should the digital storefronts catering to them.


This endeavor by JuvaBun has underscored the undeniable importance of perpetual testing and optimization in the online retail sphere. As consumer behaviors and preferences shift, digital platforms must adapt in tandem to meet evolving expectations and maximize conversions.

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