Success Story

Kidoriman's Journey to a Monthly Revenue Surge of $201,140 with Lifestyle Imagery



Conversion Increase


Kidoriman is a prominent player in the realm of streetwear fashion, distinguished by its unique Japanese twist. The brand has consistently delivered high-quality clothing that marries comfort with style. Intent on bolstering its online presence, Kidoriman sought to enhance its digital presentation in a bid to improve user experience and drive conversion rates.

The Challenge

Kidoriman desired to discern whether incorporating lifestyle imagery, specifically images of models adorned in their products, could amplify the conversion rate for one of its prime offerings: the Gelyu Harem Pants.


Utilizing lifestyle photos, wherein models sport the Gelyu Harem Pants, could potentially boost conversion rates by aiding potential customers in visualizing the product's fit, style, and overall appeal.

The Test

Product Highlight: Gelyu Harem Pants

This product epitomizes Kidoriman's brand philosophy, offering both comfort and a unique style. Made from sustainable resources, they present a novel approach to regular fashion choices and resonate with Kidoriman's dedication to distinctive and cozy streetwear.

Experiment Setup:

  • Control Group: The product's web page exhibited the Gelyu Harem Pants without a model.
  • Variation Group: The same page incorporated lifestyle photographs featuring a model in the Gelyu Harem Pants.


Upon conclusion of the experiment, the variation outperformed the control:

  • Control Group Conversion Rate: 2.24%
  • Variation Group Conversion Rate: 2.81%
  • Projected Additional Revenue for Variation: $36,569.90 for every 100,000 visitors

Given Kidoriman's monthly traffic of approximately 550,000 visitors, implementing the lifestyle imagery could translate to a potential incremental revenue of over $200,000 per month, solely from this product.


  1. Visual Appeal: Fashion thrives on visual stimulation. Witnessing the Gelyu Harem Pants on a live model enables customers to better grasp the product's fit, style, and general aesthetic.
  2. Emotional Connection: Lifestyle images add a human touch to products. This allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the product, thereby forming an emotional bond, which in turn amplifies conversion rates.
  3. User Experience Enhancement: Displaying the product on a model also functions as a style directive, showcasing complementary accessories and footwear.


With Kidoriman's expansive web traffic, even minute enhancements can lead to significant revenue surges. This experiment with the Gelyu Harem Pants underlines the vital role of imagery in the world of fashion. It also demonstrates the potential profitability that can be reaped from refining online presentation, highlighting the substantial impact of a seemingly simple change.

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