Success Story

How Liberté's Imagery Test Boosted Revenue by $13,540 for Every 10,000 Visitors



Conversion Increase


Rooted in Bali, Liberté is more than just a leather store. As a beacon of ethical commerce, this family-operated business collaborates with Indonesia’s artisans, producing unique leather sandals, shoes, bags, and sarongs. Notably, their Amalfi Sandal presented an opportunity to better connect with their audience.

The Challenge

The Amalfi Sandal's online representation was minimalist – an image set against a plain white background. While it highlighted the sandal’s design, it lacked the context and emotion that potential customers might connect with.


Liberté believed that by showcasing the Amalfi Sandal being worn, especially by a model embodying the spirit of Bali, the product would not only be seen but also felt. The tangible connection between product and potential buyer might then translate into increased sales.

The Test

Comparing the appeal of a standalone sandal image versus the sandal being worn by a lady with a picturesque backdrop.

Experiment Setup:

  • Control Group: The existing image: a pristine shot of the Amalfi Sandal against a white backdrop.
  • Variation Group: A photo of a lady wearing the Amalfi Sandal, set against a visually pleasing backdrop featuring stairs and a door in a white home.


The authentic and contextual imagery of the variation spurred a leap in the conversion rate from 2.77% to 3.99%. When extrapolated to Liberté's monthly traffic of 100,000, this adjustment contributed to an astonishing additional revenue of $135,400 for every 100,000 visitors.


Three core insights emerged from this test:

  1. Contextual Presentation: Seeing the sandal worn offered potential customers a visual testimony of its fit, comfort, and style. It made the sandal more relatable and desirable.
  2. Emotionally Charged Imagery: By placing the sandal within Bali's ambiance, the image seamlessly tied in with Liberté’s story of craftsmanship and local artisan support. This alignment strengthened brand resonance.
  3. Human Connection: Including a model provided a point of relatability. Customers could envision themselves in the sandals, enhancing the product's aspirational quality.


The power of context in e-commerce imagery is evident in Liberté’s experiment. Moving away from the conventional product-on-white backdrop to a more narrative-driven portrayal paved the way for higher conversions. It emphasized that customers don't just buy products; they buy stories, emotions, and connections. Liberté's case is a testament to the importance of imagery in telling those stories compellingly.

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