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Hide Test Variations in Collections

1 . Go to the test you want to hide its variations and click on the 3 dots of the first variation. (Make sure you don't do this for the Control). Then hit preview and it will open your test variation in another tab.

2 . Then copy the part of the url right after the last slash as underlined in this example. So for here you would copy striped-skirt-and-top-1.

3 . Then go to your products within the Shopify dashboard. Paste the last part of the url in the search bar and then click on the product that shows up.

4 . Now on the product page scroll down and on the right side of the product page look for the "Organization" box. Under the "COLLECTIONS" section hit X on all the options there. Then under the "TAGS" section hit X on all the tags that show up. Then hit "Save" at the top to save all your changes. Once you've finished this variation is all set and won't show up in your collections. Do this for each of your variations and DONT DO THIS ON YOUR CONTROL.

5 . If you want to also hide it in the "all" collection then follow these instructions to also hide it there. First check if you have an all collection already existing in your shopify collections. If not then we have to make one, if you do then you can skip to step 7

6 . If you don't have an "all" collection then we'll have to make one. Click on the "Create" button on the Collections page.

7 . Next make sure the title is spelled exactly like "all". Then add the condition "Product Type" "is not equal to" "hideabtest" exactly as it is written in the image below. If you already had an all collection then you can just add this condition to your conditions. Then hit save and now your test variations won't show up in your all collection. You only have to do this once, you DONT NEED TO DO THIS FOR EACH VARIATION ONLY ONCE.