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Loox Reviews

1. Go to the Loox app and click on the "Export all reviews to .csv file" Button.  Send us your file at support@elevateab.com and we will modify it so your variations will display the proper reviews. This usually can take between 30 mins to a few hours. We will send you back a csv file which you will upload to the Loox app and your reviews will appear on your product variations.

2. Once you receive an email back from us with your variations reviews head on over to the Loox app and click on the "Import Reviews" Tab

3. Then click on the "Upload Template File" button and choose the file we sent you. Then click on the "Import Reviews" button and thats it. If you have more than one test then you'll want to repeat this step for each file we send you. And that's all you have to do. Once you've done that, send us an email at support@elevateab.com that it's complete and we will mark your test as live and have it running on your shop.